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Cathy Ward: Liberty Realm

The first monograph of Cathy Ward’s incredible Liberty Realm artworks, as featured in Strange Attractor Journal One, is now available as a beautiful, signed and numbered edition of 23 copies.

Measuring 25cm x 21cm, this edition features 23 hand-tipped plates on heavy dark grey stock all encased in a cloth-bound, stamped cover.

Larger plates fold out to a generous size and are printed on archival heavy art stock, each plate is the same quality and otherwise identical to a framed print. The volume also features an essay by art historian Dr Robert Wallis that provides insight and context to the work.

You can explore the book further at the Liberty Realm site.


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4 Responses to Cathy Ward: Liberty Realm

  1. Arjan says:

    Is there any change the book will see the light of day? The website of Liberty Realm is suspended and I’ve tried to pre-order a copy, but there was no answer. Love this work and would hate to see it going into oblivion…

    • Mark says:

      Hi there – I’m trying to find out what has happened to the site, but I hope it’ll be up and running again soon.

      • Arjan says:

        Great work! See the website is up and running again, only problem is ordering. There pops a 404-error, can’t load page (which is unfortunate as I like to buy this great work!) Also the page to look more pages gives a 404.

        And sorry for bulging in like this!

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