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Morbid Attractor: Haunted Taxonomies



Tuesday 23 September
The Horse Hospital, 1 Colonnade, London, WC1N 1JD
Doors 7.30pm
Tickets £5/7 (book here)

Morbid Anatomy & Strange Attractor present

Haunted Taxonomies

Robert Williams: Dis Manibus
A taxonomy of ghosts and ghostly phenomena.
The name Dis Manibus is drawn from the Latin, abbreviated to “DM” on Roman tombstones, which dedicate the occupants to ‘The Spirits of the Underworld’. Dis Manibus emerged as a consequence of a series of seminars at the noted Mildred’s Lane Project in Pennsylvania. Here, over an intensive three-week period, a group of graduate students and artists referred to as Mildred’s Lane Fellows considered the different contexts and behaviours of ghosts and ghost-seeing from a range of popular cultural forms.

Professor Robert Williams is an artist and academic based at the University of Cumbria. He has collaborated closely with artists Mark Dion and Bryan McGovern Wilson; conceptual writers Dr. Simon Morris and Nick Thurston; archaeologists Dr. Aaron Watson and Dr. David Barrowclough; German cultural sociologist Dr. Hilmar Schäfer, and with his son, Jack Aylward-Williams. 

Roger Luckhurst – Voids, Corridors, Wires
Haunting has recalibrated to the spaces and networks of the modern world, its architecture and environments. These are spaces that do not seep history as much as horrify through their absences and psychic deficits. This talk will start to build a taxonomy of contemporary haunted spaces, featuring appearances from Kipling and Ballard, Kubrick and Lynch.

Roger Luckhurst is professor of modern and contemporary literature at Birkbeck College, University of London. His most recent book is The Mummy’s Curse: The True History of a Dark Fantasy.


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A Goodly Company




The Horse Hospital, 1 Colonnade, WC1N 1JD
PRIVATE VIEW:  Friday 21st February 2014, from 7.30pm
EXHIBITION: Sat 22nd Feb – Sat 22nd Mar, Mon – Sat, 12 – 6pm

Presented by The College of Psychic Studies & Strange Attractor

“This sequence of designs is shown to open the eyes of all men to the glorious world of spiritual power which lies about them.”

Between 1920 and 1933 spirit medium Ethel Le Rossignol created a series of 44 paintings, 21 of which belong to The College of Psychic studies and will be on display with accompanying texts describing what she refers to as the Sphere of Spirit.

Radiant, psychedelic and ecstatic, her vision of the spirit world is consistent, coherent and stunningly beautiful, depicting a luminous realm of kaleidoscopic colour, inhabited by elegant sylphs, bejewelled apes and astral tigers.

Ethel’s channelled paintings reveal a world of pure light, colour and energy. Incorporating aspects of Art Deco, popular playbills, Eastern mysticism, mandalas and miniatures, they radiate an ecstatic joy, and are prescient of the psychedelic art that would emerge several decades later.


As a medium Ethel took no credit for the actual work, identifying a spirit known only as J.P.F. as the real artist. J.P.F himself claimed to be channelling another group of spirits, who wanted to impart the secrets of the soul to those of us still on the physical plane.

At present very little is known about Ethel le Rossignol’s life, though we hope that this exhibition might prompt new discoveries. There are clues in her writing that she lost a friend, perhaps relatives, in World War One, and that this encouraged her interests in afterlife communications, which boomed in the inter-war years. Certainly she had a great interest in mediumistic spiritualism, attending lectures and demonstrations on the subject in London.

Ethel died in 1970 and her paintings, and copies of her privately printed book, A Goodly Company, were donated to the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington. The paintings have been on display in rooms at the College for many years but, as far as we know, this is both the first time that they have ever been exhibited outside the College, and the first time that they have all been seen together in one space.

Encountering the whole Goodly Company assembled in one gallery promises to be a powerful exposure to the astral light and the love that she and her spirit friends so wanted to convey.


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SAP Update


October will see the long overdue publication of Vulcanic Tryst, two new meteoritic texts texts by B. Catling and Iain Sinclair, followed by Airborne, the memoirs of pilot, broadcaster and author, Lance Sieveking.



After several years in gestation …or a blind man’s carven star, a double CD of deep microtonal drift and gently curling sonic incense by Spectral is almost ready to see the light of day on our Further Recordings micro-label. This will appear in an initial, handmade, artist’s edition of 20 copies. More info here, and an ordering page will be online in a matter of days.


We’ve got several more projects at various stages of completion, some of them wonderous in the extreme, so do check in here for more details.

Please note that England’s Hidden Reverse will be published in late Spring 2014 in standard and very special editions. Please don’t email us asking for details – we’ll make them available on this site when we’re ready.




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The Living World, 9 July


Arts Catalyst and Strange Attractor present:

The Living World: Animism in the 21st Century 

9 July 2013, 7pm onwards

The Arts Catalyst
50-54 Clerkenwell Road
London EC1M 5PS

£4 plus booking fee [book tickets here]

How does our relationship to the world change if everything is alive?

Author Erik Davis and historian of shamanism Robert Wallis discuss traditional and contemporary approaches to animism and consider what it means to be an animist in an age when our technologies increasingly take on the semblance of life.

In the second part of the evening, Erik Davis will read with a live modular synthesiser accompaniment from The Asterism and MISTY. With live and found sounds sculpted by the application of multiple random voltages, MISTY will be free to express its soul.

Erik Davis is an American cultural critic, scholar and journalist, in his recent catalogue essay Mark Leckey’s exhibition The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things he describes a world exploding with technologies, products, and material processes that challenge our conceptual categories with their apparent intelligence and animation.  Also author of Nomad Codes, Techgnosis, The Visionary State and Led Zeppelin, Erik Davis’ work has appeared in numerous anthologies, journals and magazines.

Robert Wallis is an author, art historian and academic specialising in contemporary and historical shamanic practices. He is the author of Shamans / neo-Shamans:Ecstasy, Alternative Archaeologies and Contemporary Pagans and has contributed to and edited numerous books and journals on the subject.

The Asterism is the solo musical project of author and Strange Attractor Press founder Mark Pilkington.

Book here

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New Austin Osman Spare prints










SAP  present two new fine art prints from the work of Austin Osman Spare, presented in collaboration with artist and musician Ossian Brown.

Effloration (above left) is a stunning and vibrant magical pastel originally exhibited, as was customary for Spare, in two South London pubs – the Mansion House Tavern in 1952 and The White Bear in 1953.

Mask (above right) is one of a number created by Spare in the early 1930s, and shows off his own idiosyncratic take on the Art Deco style to fine effect.

Each Giclée print is presented on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper and produced to archival standards. Prints are hand-numbered, blind-embossed with an ‘AOS’ signature, and come with a certificate of provenance.

Available only from Strange Attractor Shoppe


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The End at £9.99

EScoverTo celebrate 6 years of Electric Sheep magazine, for February we’re offering their anthology, The End, for only £9.99.

‘Refreshing and original’  say Frieze magazine.

‘Electric Sheep is idiosyncratic, ‘intelligent, informed and it really  knows and cares about cinema.  Long may it prosper.’ The Wire

Get it here!


The book features entirely new and exclusive written and visual material from contributors including:

Jim Harper (Flowers from Hell: The Modern Japanese Horror Film)
Greg Klymkiw (producer of Guy Maddin’s Careful)
Frances Morgan (former editor of Plan B Magazine)
James Rose (Beyond Hammer: Contemporary British Horror Cinema)
Jack Sargeant (Deathtrippping: The Extreme Underground)

Get it here!

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Requiem for Networks

KHR3As a taster for Ken Holling’s forthcoming book from SAP, Bright Labyrinth, you can now revisit Ken’s BBC Radio 3 series Requiem for Networks, broadcast in March 2011.

Ken looks at the Victorian roots of contemporary network technology, the militarisation of the network, our relationship to computers and other inanimate objects, and the meaning of the cloud.

Listen here

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SAP forthcoming titles

Here’s a somewhat revised publishing schedule for SAP.

Some titles are being put back to early next year due to mysterious ‘forces beyond our control’.

Our apologies for the delays, but we know they’ll be worth the wait and why not order some of our other amazing books while you prepare yourselves for our forthcoming titles?


Savage Pencil presentsTrip or Squeek’s Big Amplifier – available now!

Invisible Ink: How 100 Great Authors Disappeared: Christopher fowler – mid November

Vulcanic Tryst: Brian Catling & Iain Sinclair – January 2013

Epiphanies: Life Changing Encounters with Music – January 2013

England’s Hidden Reverse: David Keenan (revised and updated edition) – Spring 2013

Breaking Convention: A Psychedelics & Consciousness Anthology – Spring 2013

And many more to be announced early in 2013…

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Trip or Squeek now available

Savage Pencil Presents Trip Or Squeek’s Big Ampiflier is now available from Strange Attractor Press – buy it here in signed and special editions, and receive a free postcard set.

And here’s Savage Pencil signing copies at the excellent Supersonic Festival 2012

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Savage Pencil at Supersonic Festival

Trip or Squeek artist and comix legend Savage Pencil, aka Edwin Pouncey, will be appearing at this year’s Supersonic festival in Birmingham on Saturday, 20 October. Edwin will be interviewed by The Wire‘s Frances Morgan about Trip or Squeek and his life in art and music.

Copies of the book, along with exclusive postcard sets, will be on sale and SavX will be signing copies.

Strange Attractor will be sharing a stall with The Wire magazine in the Supersonic dealer area, so do come and say hi!

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