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Arthur ‘Bull Tongue’ columns online

The good folks at Arthur magazine have posted what looks like an entire run of Thurston Moore and Byron Coley’s Bull Tongue columns up on the Arthur blog – you can start wading through them here. As Arthur readers will recall, the Bull Tongue columns were one of the musical highlights of the mag, with Moore and Coley commenting upon a huge and arcane selection of the underground music and culture currently on their radar. Exhaustive, sometimes cantankerous and frequently very funny, Bull Tongue is an invaluable archive of some of the more out-there record releases of the last decade.

Currently on hiatus from print, the Arthur online presence if nonetheless alive and well, with new music, writing, and archival material going up all the time. I’ve also been enjoying their new mixtape (which appears to be named after a line in Roxy Music’s classic ‘Editions of You’?).