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The Squid Doctor


‘Why does Dr. [Oliver] Sacks love cephalopods so much? They’re very smart. He says, “Cuttlefish have enormous eyes, they are curious and, I think, even affectionate. One cannot help feeling that they have individuality and consciousness, and the basis of an inner life. Cephalopods can learn by observation, as higher mammals do. They are richly endowed with nerve cells: an octopus has 300 million or more neurons, about half in its cerebral ganglia, and the rest distributed among its tentacles. I like cephalopods because they are so removed from us and yet, in some fundamental ways, so like us. They are my favorite aliens.

…if we were in charge, June would be National Cephalopod Month…We’re not quite sure how many humans are on the planet these days, but there are even more squid.  Just sayin…’

Oliver via Mike Jay