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SF Said’s City of Dreams

London’s Lost Rivers photographer SF Said is the subject of a full length feature in Abu Dhabi’s The National magazine

“I find it wonderful that London is a kind of palimpsest, that it contains all these layers of history and experience,” says Said. “The lost rivers project was a perfect way into that. I am fascinated by the idea that landscapes might have memories or dreams.”

Said loves expired film, particularly in a range thrillingly titled Time Zero. Far from ruining an image, its ageing, unstable chemicals contribute to the dreamlike quality of his pictures. Leaking colours; blurring; unexposed corners; flame-like flashes of light across the surface; smoky shades of mauve and turquoise: Said uses them all to artistic effect… “With Polaroid, the camera and the film play as big a part as you do, and sometimes they know better than you,” says Said.

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