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Steve Fossett: communiqué from another world


With clear echoes of Admiral Byrd’s (right) fabled voyage to the inner world, word is spreading through internet paraculture groups that Steve Fossett (left), the millionaire adventurer who vanished in September 2007 while flying solo over the Nevada desert, has reported back… from another world.

It began when an anonymous friend of Fossett’s announced that he had received emails from the explorer shortly before his disappearance, describing a mysterious white light deep in the Nevada desert:

As he approached, he could see that the light was in fact a large “hole”, and there were several blue-ish humanoids moving inside. Nobody seemed to notice him as he walked closer, and he was beginning to see what was like a whole new society in there, half-underground, half-exposed to sun light, right there in the middle of the desert.

He told me he went back several times over the course of the next couple days, and each time the “white hole” had moved.

I asked him why he didn’t take any specialists there, like UFO experts, and he said that he did, but neither he nor them dared to step in and interact with the humanoid figures…

According to the mysterious Simon, who is documenting event on a web page, Fossett reappeared to his wife recently, but he was somehow different:

She hadn’t heard him coming. She said he wasn’t like a ghost or anything weird, he looked rather normal, except that he was wearing a white shirt with a strange collar she’d never seen and white pants.

He said in his normal voice that he didn’t want to wake her downstairs. He told her not to be afraid or mad. During this whole time he stood a few feet away and never got closer.

He said he had been in a whole new place where money and war didn’t exist. He calmly said that they should stop looking for him, that they would never find him or his plane. He told her that he loved her dearly and that he couldn’t explain, but that we would all know in due time. He asked her to be patient and trust him. He said that he had come just so she could find closure, and know that they will be together again soon. He asked her not to tell anyone about this, that he would explain everything to the whole world in due time, and he left, just as quietly as he had arrived.

I imagine that, barring the unlikely event that the story is true, these tales must be quite upsetting for Fossett’s widow, who has had him declared legally dead.

You can follow the story as it evolves here.

Via Jack Sarfatti.