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Medieval relics talk


Strange Attractor presents:


20th May 2010
At The Little Shoppe of Horrors, 11 Mare St, London, UK (map)
Doors at 6 pm, Talk commences at 7 pm

Christian belief in the power of relics, the physical remains of a holy site or holy person, or objects with which they had contact, is as old as the faith itself and developed alongside it. Relics were more than mementos. The New Testament refers to the healing power of objects that were touched by Christ or his apostles. The body of the saint provided a spiritual link between life and death, between man and God and the veneration of relics in the Middle Ages came to rival the sacraments in the daily life of the medieval church. From the foreskin of baby Jesus to to a piece of the Virgin Mary’s veil, Dr William MacLehose explores the everlasting might of relics and their reliquaries.

Dr William MacLehose works on the connections between medical, natural philosophical, and religious thought in western Europe during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries

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