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Lance SievekingAIRBORNE-web
375pp, 210mm x 148mm
HB, £25

Limited numbered edition (250 copies)
Heavily illustrated with over 70 photographs and drawings

Edited and annotated by Paul Sieveking


“Amiable and haphazard memoirs… a slightly otherworldly book: a collection of agreeable stories drawn from a colourful life, all told with good humour and very little fuss. It reads like a document from a lost time… Sieveking had a long – and very influential – career at the BBC. He developed the techniques for radio features still used by the BBC today.”

“A supremely amiable, life-affirming sort of book in its embrace of the haphazard and unexpected.” Fortean Times

Scenes from the life of Lance Sieveking, pilot, writer and broadcasting pioneer.

Lance joined the BBC in its formative years and directed the first running commentaries, the first multi-studio radio drama, and (in 1930) the first television play.

Airborne features First World War adventures, strange phenomena and transmedia experiments.

The cast includes GK Chesterton, HG Wells, Aleister Crowley, John Logie Baird, Paul Nash, Aldous Huxley, King George V and Gertrude Stein – among many others.

With an Introduction by David Hendy.

“Richly characteristic of English autobiographies of a certain vintage, with an understated idiosyncrasy all its own… one of the things that emerges from this book is that British ‘wireless’ was probably more avant-garde in the 1920s than it has ever been since.”
Times Literary Supplement

On dipping in at any point in the text you come upon lively accounts of surprising events… and want to read more!
Joan Bakewell

An absorbing story and an invaluable record.
Antony Jay