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Breaking Convention V

A Seismic Shift in Psychedelia

Edited by Aimée Tollan

ISBN: 9781913689766
148 x 210

PB £12.99


The latest collection of essays from the cutting edge of psychedelic research, based on talks given by their authors at Breaking Convention 2019, held at The University of Greenwich, London.

The largest symposium of its kind, Breaking Convention features more than 120 academic presentations biennially, and is widely regarded as the foremost global platform for serious research into psychedelic science and culture.

Within these pages are essays demonstrating a shift in psychedelia. Topics include sustainability, death, the shadow, archetypes, conservation, history, phenomenology, war, power, madness, and the marriage of energy and matter. An eclectic collection that reflects the diverse array of speakers that present at Breaking Convention, and echoes the shifts currently occurring in psychedelia: a buildup of tension before new ground is created.


Mike Albert • Matthew Clark • Timmy Davis • Anya Ermakova Jesse Gould • Britta Love • Pascal Michael • Tehseen Noorani Jonathan Ott • Gabriella Tavini • Aimée Tollan • Peter Yates