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Ilana Halperin: Felt Events

Ilana Halperin
Felt Events

Edited by Catriona McAra

150mm x 210mm
HB/PB, 224pp
16pp colour, fully illustrated throughout
ISBN: 9781913689346

Limited edition hardback (200 copies): £30
Paperback: £18.99


A fascinating and rewarding read.
Marion Endt-Jones

Felt Events
perfectly captures how Ilana Halperin intertwines herself in art and geology. It permeates into the writing of the contributors just as it does for all those who witness her art. Graham Domke

Halperin and this impressive line-up of contributors have crafted a precious space for us to gently unfold what we keep hidden: our awareness of the slow time of the earth, and our very short time upon it. Halperin’s art and this volume explore our interconnectivity with the natural environment and with each other. The timing of this book couldn’t be
more pertinent.
Patricia Fleming

A conglomerate is a sedimentary rock composed of many different kinds of rocks naturally bound together. A family, just like a rock, can be composed of many parts.

Artist Ilana Halperin shares her birthday with an Icelandic volcano. Working through the aesthetics of geology since the late 1990s, her multifaceted, conceptual practice unearths the intimate poetics of rocks, minerals, and body stones. 

Halperin’s fieldwork has led her from erupting volcanoes in Hawaii to petrifying caves in France and geothermal springs in Japan. Felt Events surveys the last two decades of Halperin’s output (1999–2020), representing a mid-career moment of reflection.

This collection includes critical and experimental writing from international curators Lisa Le Feuvre and Naoko Mabon, art historians Andrew Patrizio and Dominic Paterson, anthropologist Jerry Zee, and writer Nicola White. It also offers examples of Halperin’s performance lectures, some of which appear in print for the first time.

Felt Events introduces Halperin’s work to new generations of artists, writers, and environmental activists—those who will shape the critical landscapes of the twenty-first century.