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Strange Attractor Journal Three

Edited by Mark Pilkington

A5 PB, 286pp, £13.99 UK
ISBN 978-0954805432

A third helping of high strangeness from the acclaimed Strange Attractor anthology series.

[cover image, The Electrochemical Glass by Richard Brown]


| Contra Genesis – Catherine Eisner

Unusual cases of extra-genital conception, extra-uterine gestation, and other anomalous exits

| Burmese Daze – Erik Davis
In which the author submits to the pleasures of a transgender spirit possession festival

| Adventures in the Fourth Dimension – Mike Jay
A Victorian time machine and history’s first theme park ride

| Ego in Exotica Sum – Ken Hollings
In memoriam Martin Denny, crown prince of the exotica sound

| A Psychoactive Bestiary – Richard Rudgley
The joy of zootoxins, from the ant to the giraffe

| Liberté, Légalité, Éternité – David Luke
Some notes on psychonautic misadventures in time

| Kandinsky’s Thought Forms – Gary Lachman
The occult roots of modern art


| Magic Words – Steve Moore
Virgil the Necromancer in mediæval legend

| Abu’l-Qasim al-Iraqi – Robert Irwin
12th century Arab alchemists on the edge
of knowledge

| The Electrochemical Glass – Richard Brown
A slow-evolving artwork from a living alchemist

| The Man Behind the Screen – David Rothenberg
Hans Christian Andersen’s greatest and least-known work

| The Mole of Edge Hill – John Reppion
Joseph Williamson, Liverpool’s tunnelling philanthropist

| La Maison de Poupées – Robert Ansell
A photographic study of a magnificent compulsion

| The Dirty Thirties Alexis Lykiard
From Arthur Koestler’s Encyclopædia of Sexual Knowledge

| Paint it Black – Stewart Home
Autohagiography of an artist

| Redonda and Her Kings – Roger Dobson
The island life of early science fiction author MP Shiel

| Magic in Paris – Phil Baker
Demons of the opium den in Thirties Paris

| The Dark Man’s Dreams Doug Skinner
An introduction to Xavier Forneret, Surrealism’s lost poet

| Ghosts: A short Story
by Lady Vervaine

Plus original artworks by Alison Gill, Josephine Harvatt, Betsy Heistand, Katie Owens, Arik Roper.