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Bodies Beneath • High Weirdness • Selene • Faunus • The Honoured Dead • Bass Mids Tops • Hawkwind: Days Of The Underground • Scottish Lost Boys • London's Lost Rivers II • David Rudkin: Of Mud And Flame

Journal Two

Edited by Mark Pilkington
A5, PB, 405pp, £14.99 UK
ISBN 978-0954805418

A second helping of high strangeness from the acclaimed Strange Attractor anthology series.



About the Book

My Travels with Münchausen Richard Burdett
In which the author deceives his friends on an adventure of the mind

Enter the Jaguar Mike Jay
Digging up the ancient psychedelic temple cults of Peru’s Chavínde Huantar

School for Shamans JasonLouv
Our intrepid young author braves Maoist rebels and astral collapse to learn the secrets of Nepalese sorcery

The Temple at the End of Time John Rowe
Jerusalem’s Temple Mount and its role in all our ends

Haunts of the Halifax Slasher Tim Chapman
A gentlemanly tour of the city’s dark past

Admiral Byrd, Atlantis &the Hollow Earth Theo Paijmans
A letter, a legend and a flight beyond the poles

Under Petticoat Rule
An anonymous manuscript reveals one boy’s restrictive upbringing.
Introduction by Peter Farrer &Cathy Ward

An Animist Manifesto Graham Harvey
A call to arms. And antennae, branches, tentacles etc

Dr Price’s Final Transmutation Guy Ogilvy
How the Royal Society found, then lost, the secrets of alchemy

Life from Earth: The Golem and Homunculi Gary Lachman
The mystical origins of artificial life. Photography by Maud Larsson

Robot Power, Robot Pride Ken Hollings
How the robot found its self

Should they Live:on the Use of Dead Babies Don Mader
The hidden meaning of a sinister 19th century religious print

Mould Art Discovered by Doug Harvey
Beauty grows in unexpected places

The Court of Lust John Branston
Waldo Sabine: parapsychologist, poet, feminist, martyr

Sandoz in the Rain: The Life and Art of Wilfried Sätty
John Coulthart on a lost visionary hero of the psychedelic revolution

Boris Vian for Anglophones Doug Skinnner
The scandalous oeuvre of the man who shocked his world

Richard Jefferies and the Agitated Pool of Life
Neil Mortimer introduces this early, apocalyptic ecologist

Anagrams for Maya Deren Kevin Jackson
Artist, film maker, voodoo priestess

Change in a Parallel World: CFRussell, Louis Culling and the Book of Changes
Steve Moore presents an eccentric history and a new I Ching

Spirits of Place:Strange Encounters of an Anglican Kind Alan Walker
How the Church of England answered The Exorcist

One More Nightmare calling… the Heathen Robert J Wallis
Loki the ‘pervert god’, Seidrsorcery and the Left Hand Path.
Illustrations by Arik Roper and Carina Thorén

Terror by Night: the Sleeping Partner Roger Dobson
Memoirs of a hag-ridden man

Folklore of Underground London Antony Clayton
What rumours lie beneath the city’s streets?

Cesare Thodol Mark Samuels
On brain fungus and other horrors. Illustrated by Betsy Heistand