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Private: Super Heavy Hamoazian Reverie

Further 006
CD, 48 minutes

a sometimes blissful, but often blistering, trip, certainly meant to be played LOUD for full submission / submergence Aquarius Records

a righteous yammering of liquid infinity, a full three-quarter-hour medication-medication of tor-hopping guitar daub
Julian Cope, Head Heritage


Elemental meditations echo from the tor tops once again as West Country guitar monster Urthona returns with a fourth album. This time it’s a single 48 minute mix containing his trademark blissed-out, wind-swept guitar sound but with added drums, (from Julian Cope, Brain Donor’s Mr E and Albert Snazz), synths (via The Asterism) and field recordings freshly plucked from Devonia’s Alps.

You can have a listen to Super Heavy Hamoazian Reverie here

Roadburn Festival album of the day!!!