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Vision of the Hawk – Print edition

High quality, signed 10″ by 10″ giclée prints for
Vision of the Hawk: The Art of Arik Moonhawk Roper

Each print is available in an edition of 100 copies, at £200 plus p&p.


As well as the print of your choice, you will receive:
– A hardback copy of Arik Roper: Vision of the Hawk
–  Starcult: 88pp, a 6″ x 9″ black and white chapbook of sketches and new work
–  A signed, screen-printed BW bookplate


Please click on the purchase link below each image to select it for your print edition.You will be taken to a Greedbag page where you can pay for the print.


We’ll be in touch regarding shipping, but we don’t expect books to be available until Winter 2022 and will ship your print and  book together.


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