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Cult of the Black Virgin

Presenting the second audio working from Magick Concrète:

Cult Of The Black Goddess is composed from recordings made by Andy Sharp at the mountain monastery of Montserrat, near Barcelona. There are two sound sources that have been manipulated: the  Boys’ choir singing The Virolai, and the Christmas Day Mass. The Virolai is the anthem of the Black Madonna, venerated at Montserrat. It begins with the words “April rose, dusky lady of the mountain chain”. We are reifying this track on the Feast of Imbolc (1st February). Imbolc belongs to St. Brigid, one of the aspects of the Triple Goddess. Also known as Candlemas, the day has long been celebrated as The Feast of Purification of The Virgin.

Read more about the recordings here

Download the track here (MP3, approx 16 minutes)