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Germany win, suckers!


Strange Attractor doesn’t usually cover sporting news, but this caught our attention…

Paul, an octopus in Germany, has made international headlines with his perfect record predicting the outcome of Germany’s World Cup matches. On Tuesday, the cephalopod chose the national squad to defeat Argentina on Saturday. But it could be a tight game. Game over, Argentina — Paul has picked Germany…

Paul has gained a sizable following in Germany by amassing a perfect 4-0 record in calling Germany’s World Cup clashes. First, he tipped Germany to beat Australia, and then followed it up by correctly predicting Serbia’s upset over Germany. Paul went on to call a German win against Ghana and made waves across the English Channel when he foresaw Germany taking down England.

Full story at Der Spiegel, via The Anomalist

Update 8 July: Paul’s run of success continues with a prediction of Germany’s defeat in the semi-finals, story at the Guardian