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Medical London

“Beautifully packaged…Barnett and Jay have produced a wonderful history both of Londoners’ lives and the medical profession” The Observer

“This is London’s real heritage…all human life, and human death, is here” Peter Ackroyd, The Times

“A box of deadly delights” Independent on Sunday

Medical London: City of Cures, City of Diseases
by Richard Barnett and Mike Jay
ISBN: 978-0-9558761-0-3
Published in November 2008
In Collaboration with Wellcome Collection

A unique, stunningly-presented guide to London’s past and a treasure trove of information for historians, residents, medical professionals and tourists, Medical London charts the many roles that diseases, treatments and cures have played in the city’s sprawling story. It also reveals how London, in turn, has shaped the professions and practices of modern medicine.

‘Medical London’ comprises three parts:

volume of essays exploring some of the threads that medicine has woven through London life, from its earliest beginnings to the multicultural metropolis of today: its roles in contagion and sanitation, in wealth and its consumption, in empire and immigration, in pleasure and in madness.

A definitive guide to London’s medical landscape: its museums and hospitals, its grand monuments and secret corners, and the characters and events that lie behind them.

Six elegantly designed maps for self-guided walks, from Daniel Defoe’s Plague Year wanderings to the druggists of Soho’s night haunts, the homeopaths of bohemian Chelsea to the naval surgeons of maritime Greenwich.

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