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The Electric Seance


A fine survey of all things English, spooky, sonic and electronic from John Coulthart over at the Arthur Blog, featuring Strange Attractor fiends and friends Mount Vernon Arts Lab, Cyclobe, Ghost Box, Coil and Raagnagrok amongst others.

“December is a month of gloom particularly suited to ghost stories. Charles Dickens gave A Christmas Carol a ghost theme partly for this reason and the BBC had a tradition throughout the 1970s of screening a special ghost drama each Christmas, one of which was The Stone Tape. If you’re already tiring of the saccharine inanities of the holiday season then this is the ideal time to explore some stranger attractions. Take your place at the table for the electric seance; switch on the machines, join hands and wait for the ectoplasm to form…”

Select discography:

Belbury Poly: The Willows, The Owl’s Map
Coil: Astral Disaster, Moon’s Milk, Musick to Play in the Dark 1 & 2
Cyclobe: The Visitors
Eric Zann: Ouroborindra
Mount Vernon Arts Lab: Warminster, The Seance at Hob’s Lane
Mount Vernon Astral Temple: Musick that Destroys Itself
Pram: The Moving Frontier
Raagnagrok: The Purple Cloud
The Advisory Circle: Mind how You Go

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