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Bodies Beneath • High Weirdness • Selene • Faunus • The Honoured Dead • Bass Mids Tops • Hawkwind: Days Of The Underground • Scottish Lost Boys • London's Lost Rivers II • David Rudkin: Of Mud And Flame

Forthcoming from SAP

Some forthcoming titles from Strange Attractor Press.
More details to follow in due course.


The Natural Death Handbook / The Natural Death Centre
–  The Influencing Machine / Mike Jay
Andromeon postcard set / Alexander Tucker
Liberty Realm (edition) / Catharyne Ward





Austin Osman Spare: The Life and Legend of London’s Lost Artist (paperback) / Phil Baker








England’s Hidden Reverse (new edition) / David Keenan
Epiphanies: Life Changing Encounters with Music / ed. Tony Herrington
Invisible Ink: How 100 Great Authors Disappeared / Christopher Fowler
Trip or Squeek’s Big Amplifier / Savage Pencil
Vulcanic Tryst / Brian Catling, Iain Sinclair and Anonymous Bosch